Green Bean Pictures

Specialists in unique documentary content

Green Bean Pictures is a boutique production company that specialise in creating high end content for the web. They have just finished creating No Strings Attached for ABC Iview, a follow up to their hit web series Tales From Tinder. Based in Melbourne and NYC - they like to tell the best stories from around the world.

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No Strings Attached is a genre bending mashup of equal parts documentary, comedy and puppet TV.

 Airing on ABC2 and ABC iview Sunday - exclusively in australia

This Melbourne-made series peers beneath the covers of the exhilarating and often awkward world of dating apps.

No Strings Attached features true Grindr, Tinder, Happn, RSVP and Snapchat stories re-enacted by a cast of puppets. Innovative and off-beat this series features real-life voice recordings of people relaying their tales of dating triumph and woe in 5-7 minute vignettes. These recordings are then lip-synced and re-enacted by puppets who dramatise these dates; from the ordinary to the extraordinary and the heart-warming to the heart-breaking.

On the surface, No Strings Attached is an entertaining puppetry series, but at its heart it’s a study of modern relationships and the surprising and silly things we do when we're trying to connect with another human being.

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