Green Bean Pictures

Specialists in unique documentary content

Green Bean Pictures is a boutique production company that specialise in creating high end content for the web. They have just finished creating No Strings Attached for ABC Iview, a follow up to their hit web series Tales From Tinder. Based in Melbourne and NYC - they like to tell the best stories from around the world.


Music videos created for the likes of Florence and The Machine and The Dirty Three.

Directed and Edited by Emma Watts Made in Melbourne Choreography and creative direction by Gabi Barton (of performance group 'town bikes' ) Film direction and editing by Emma Watts of ABC TV arts show the clip features dancers wearing costumes drawn from the characters inhabiting the cover of Dirty Three's recent album 'Toward the Low Sun' in a surreal medieval romp to the pulsing beat of "Rising Below."

Video Clips

I always enjoy the creative challenge of creating music videos, even when they are to be shot and turned around in 8 hours - like the Florence and The Machine clip above. If you need a music video made i’d love to hear from you, it’s something I enjoy dabbling in every now and again.